WAHA Newsletter Article: Anchor System Management

July 15 2016


The purpose of this Bulletin is to inform all Facility and Property Managers on the important of sourcing and maintaining documentation on installed anchor systems. There are community expectations for the correct control of safety issues for those managing working at height operations, for those actually required to work at height as well as for those that may be in the work area. Those community expectations are supported by The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 as well as The Work Health and Safety Regulations and various Codes of Practice – many of which reference Australian Standards.


The development and release of AS/NZS5532:2013 – Manufacturing requirements for single point anchor device used for harness based work at height – has resulted in a level of confusion around the installation, certification, use and ongoing re-certification of single point anchors.

It needs to be made clear that the Standard itself is a product design and manufacturing testing Standard for single point anchors and also covers the appropriate labeling of the product to detail its specific use – and use limitations. Many of those involved in working at height issues have become confused by trying to interpret this manufacturing testing Standard as a user Standard.

AS/NZS5532:2013, being a manufacturers’ Standard, does not provide details on many of the critical issues in the are of:

  • Site assessment for anchors
  • Guidance in layout design or installation
  • Safe access to a work site
  • Safe egress from a work site
  • Correct installation
  • On site testing of anchor points
  • Tests specific to the users, particular locations and substrates.

All of the issues above relate to layout, installation, testing and use of anchors NOT to manufacturing testing – for which the Standard was written.

This document has been produced in an attempt to provide a general outline of the duties and responsibilities of the many managers and users of single point anchors.

Download the full article here: Download Bulletin

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