The RIS StrongRail fall arrest and suspended access system provides continuous attachment for the user.

RIS StrongRail has been designed to minimize the visual impact of the system on the structure and maximizes the ability of multiple users to operate and work from the one system at any given time without the need to disconnect and reconnect.

RIS StrongRail access system can be installed to change direction as required by the client.

RIS StrongRail access system has multiple application benefits and is tested by an independent accredited laboratory to comply with all requirements of AS/NZS 1891

with documentation supplied to the client as part of the hand over manual on completion of each installation.

RIS StrongRail is tested to 15kn for single user and additional 6kn for each user thereafter up to a maximum of 3 users per span with a 27kn total load and can be manufactured in either galvanised steel or stainless steel.

RIS StrongRail has been engineered for use by rope access professionals and when the RIS strongrail system is installed for rope access applications the system is rigid and gives the rope access technician a level rail to work on.

RIS Strongrail can also be used for restrained access applications with the use of a fixed length lanyard and designated set back distances from fall zones, the rigidity of the system does not allow the user any opportunity to misuse the system and enter a fall zone.