Platforms & Gantries

RIS designs, manufactures and installs specialized platforms, gantries and suspended walkways to many structures across Australia.

The high risk of falls can be controlled through the use of platforms, gantries and catwalks that are well designed and built to the requirements needed for safe access.

Maintenance-free, a platform, gantry or catwalk access system is the easiest and safest system to implement.

RIS design and install aluminium platforms, gantries and catwalks to the side(s) of cooling towers, for internal access in roof spaces, overhead services, crane access and many more specialized applications.

AC units suspended internally, typically between a suspended ceiling and roof, provide a challenge for carrying out maintenance safely and within occupational health & safety requirements.

The RIS solution is to provide platforms, gantries and catwalks alongside these units with stable and secure ladder access onto structural aluminium extrusions.