Height Safety and Access Solutions

Anchor Points

The RIS range of anchor points have been designed to be used in a very wide range of structures and applications such as timber trusses and steel purlins (C or Z section), surface mounted for metal roof profiles, and use chemset or HSL for concrete or block work, abseiling applications and wall surfaces.

The RIS range of anchors can be installed in all types of tile and metal cladding profiles. Watertight integrity is ensured by the installation of lead flashing, neoprene gaskets or flashing seals.

The RIS range of anchor points have been manufactured to the highest standard with all external components made of stainless steel and with a double barrel construction to ensure no deformation under normal use.

The anchor points have also in-built load absorption capabilities to minimize impact to a structure in the event of a person experiencing a fall and can be used in fall arrest or fall restraint applications.

The RIS range of anchor points have been independently tested by accredited third on all common roof structures and profiles and meet or exceed the requirements of Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4:2000, AS/NZS 5532:2013, and AN/NZS 4488:1997.