RISsafety Completes Annual Training in Current Installation of Hilti Products

September 6 2019

At RISsafety, we pride ourselves on delivering and maintaining the best in class service. Part of this is ensuring that we are always up to date with any training requirements. This is why we are pleased to share that we have recently completed our annual training in the current installation of Hliti products used in all RIS systems fixed to concrete or similar structures.

“We have used Hilti products for many years, and this is enshrined in our product testing and installer training” says Barry Johnson, RISsafety’s CEO. “Installing working at height safety systems is no small task. That’s why we need to ensure all our installers are constantly up to date with the latest quality products and innovations from Hilti. We make sure our team are trained to install safety systems without any room for error.”

Hilti continue to make leading-edge products and services, and we continue to partner with them to deliver best-in-class safety systems.  So, you can have peace of mind that everything we do meets & exceeds Australian & New Zealand standards and we will deliver a consistent service no matter where you are located.


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